Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have...

a washer and dryer in my house so I don't need to lug laundry around with me in my car.

a car.

a car that has 4 new tires, a quiet muffler and new brakes.


20 pairs of shoes.

OK, maybe 40 pairs of shoes.

a full-time, paying job.

a full fridge.

a second fridge that is often full.

a house.

heat in my house.

a new TV.

more than 1 TV, new or old.

3 computers.

2 cameras.

a shower.

two showers with hot water.


clean drinking water.

glasses and contacts to see all my stuff, clearly.

But what does that all mean? I am fortunate to have all those things, but am I thankful? Not always. In fact, most of time I forget to be thankful. What I don't have is...

my brother and his family right around the corner so our kids can play together.

my in-laws living down the street.

parents who live close enough that they can swing by for a few minutes, or even for dinner on a Tuesday, and not have to plan every time we want to see each other.

my Nana. Who loved me without ever thinking about it.

So while my life is full up on things, I'd trade my shoes for more time and moments with those I love - ok, I'd trade our extra TV ;) My message: be thankful. It's the best you can do.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yup. It can be hard to remember how much we have when the media is telling us how much we need.

Tammy B said...

I knew it, I do feel better after reading what you wrote, THANKS!
Love you!