Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting through difficult times

What do you lean on when things get rough, or when it appears all hope is lost? Or more directly WHO do you lean on in difficult times?

Do you have faith in Jesus?  In a higher God?  Or the Universe?  Do you believe life is just a natural journey and it ends for all us regardless of whether you are 9 days old, 68 or 84 years old? Or that Heaven has a calling and something more powerful rules our fate?

I've received several calls regarding death in the past 7 days and it always gets me thinking about my small family, my inexperience with loss and my own faith.

I don't have an answer on what helps me get through difficult times as far as faith is concerned.  I wish I could pray to God with conviction for strength, but my inability to do doesn't lessen the fact that family, friends and a deep love of life helps me to move forward.

I'm sadden to hear of such unexpected loss this week, but thinking of the deeper pain others are experiencing compared to my sadness. 

May you find peace in your faith...wherever that may come from.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Fall of '10

I still get freaked out on occasion that I'm living in a new century where the numbers start all over again.  '01, '02, '03...'10

People are going to ask, "So, what did you do in the Fall of '10?"  *shivers*  I guess because my grandmother was born in '26 and the next '26 is not all that far off...sort of...and then we'll be like "Which '26 do you mean?" when we ask a question.

Ok, no we won't because anyone alive in 2026 will be 100 and it will be real obvious which '26 we are talking about when we ask them a question.

But to answer my own question, the Fall of '10 is going to be my season of change. Not just little, minor changes like try to be more creative on Halloween.  Or, plant next years perennials before the frost.

I'm talking big changes. Changes that I hope will put me on a new course, in a new direction, and get me excited to wake up to the darkness every day to get going. (Am I overdoing it?)

What do you have planned for the Fall of '10?  I hope it's something that crackles your leaves and gets you excited.  If I've learned anything from the Summer of '10, it's that time slips away too fast to be stuck in the same gotta mix it up a bit every once and while to stay alive.

Happy First Day of Autumn!

(Photo taken by my friend's husband. His photos can be found at

Friday, September 17, 2010

Me, a dog and a really nice house

If you haven't heard, seen my posts on Facebook or followed a tweet or two on Twitter...I'm sort of back with the work force.

But not really.  I've agreed to help a really small start up get up and started for no pay.  Why? Because I'm insane. But also because I really think their product has merit, and a need and can change how parents interact with their children when it pertains to the scary world that is the internet.

I'll be sharing statistics with you all soon...but right now, I'd love if you'd check out and let me know what you think...I'm talking to you Mommy Bloggers and Daddy Bloggers. You "get" technology and I'll be hitting you all up for ideas and suggestions, don't you worry.

But for now, I haven't had my first official start date with them yet so I'm not going to say much more - and I'm  trying to learn better time management so I don't give all my free time away for free, literally. 

If there are any Mamas or Dads who want to offer their expansive network a discount on Screen Retriever, let me know.  That can be arranged :)

Oh, and the dog? His name is Tucker. He's awesome.  And the really nice house...that's the headquarters for now.  I have staircase and finished basement-envy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please tell me...

Your oldest child constantly yells at your youngest child.

Your youngest child constantly teases your oldest child.

Your 8 year old can stomp up stairs so loud that part of the ceiling chips off with every given tantrum.

Tears flow every day from all your children, for no apparent reason, and from no real water source.

"I'm hungry" is whined in your ear every 45 minutes.

"Get away from me" is shouted even more frequently than "I'm hungry."

No one answers when you ask them repeatedly to feed the dog, let the dog in, let the dog out or leave the dog alone.

Amusement is only had when screaming and chasing the cat around the house.

Your basement/playroom/living room/kitchen/multiple bedrooms/garage and yard area contain nothing but piles of plastic toys and little, clear wrappers from juice box straws.

Because if you can tell me all of these things, then I'll know I'm not alone in this insane parenting world, and I would greatly appreciate that right now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Didn't he just roll over?

How is it that my baby boy, who unexpectedly announced himself to the world early, and on his sister's second birthday, can be starting school already?

Didn't he just smile his first smile; roll over by himself; take his first step; say his first word; dance his first dance; make his first goofy face and hug me like I've never been hugged before?

There were no tears - just lots of smiles this morning as my baby boy incredibly becomes my little man! Congratulations Alex. Mommy and Daddy (and Abby) love you very, very much!