Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Old

I don't want to be old - but as I enter my last year in my 30's, I feel reallly old these days.

I am attending a conference in the San Francisco area this week and it has occured to me that I am so far behind in the times that I dont' know how I'll ever catch up.

To start, people dont' take notes during conferences any more - at least not with pens and paper. They type, and type, and type, and type away on their laptops while the speakers present. I find it incredibly distracting, but apparently if you aren't blogging about what you are watching, well then you aren't a true attendee. They click away on their blackberries or treos or iphones during presentations and answering a call mid-sentence is apparently okay as well.

The last conference I went to was probably in 2001 and we all scribbled away with our hotel-provided pens to be sure we captured the important tid-bits of the day to share with our colleagues left behind in the office.

I'm old - I just coudn't bring myself to lug my laptop to all the sessions this week and maybe it's more because, quite frankly, I don't think I can type that fast!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Side burns at 3?

My son hates to get his hair cut. We haven't figured out why, and we have tried every thing to get him to sit still and let the buzzers do their thing. We went to the Snip-It "salon" and tried to bribe him with animal crackers, movies and bubbles - nope. We went to Super Cuts and promised him a dozen lollipops if he just sat still - nope. Our last resort was the "big boy" barber shop down the street...I really thought peer pressure would work - nope.

So now he has a jagged, rather chopped up look on his head where they attempted to do some cutting at the barber, along with these lovely long tresses sort of rooting out by his ears.

I'm just wondering if I can call them side burns when he's only 3?? Or maybe we'll just let him grow it long - why not? Seems all the celebrity Mom's are letting their kids do it these days - yes those are boys!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Can I have Bessert?

I love listening to my children in the midst of learning the English language. My daughter has a fabulous sweet tooth - but much like her mother it is very selective. Only the frosting on the cupcake gets eaten - who needs the cake part? Vanilla ice cream is the best...why mess with perfection?

However, knowing when the sweet tooth has kicked in proves to be a little trickier when her request includes her own 5 year old language.

"I'm done eating dinner. Can I please have Bessert?"

"You mean, Dessert?"

"Yeah, Bessert."

"Sure honey. You enjoy your Bessert."

A couple of months ago I realized how frequently the words "idiot" and "stupid" are used in Disney movies. I'm not a huge prude, but I still very rarely say "bad" words in front of my own parents so I am going to expect the same from my kids. Luckily, I may not have to worry about any bad words spoken in my house. My daughter did something rather foolish the other day and grabs her head and mutters,

"Ugh! I'm such an indian."

I wasn't about to say,

"No honey, you meant to say 'I'm such an idiot'"

so I let her run with that, but did explain that everyone does foolish things so maybe next time she could us that word instead - don't need the new neighbors thinking we're prejudice!!