Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Generation Gap

It appears the generation gap is shrinking these days. I have more in common with my parents and children than ever before. In what ways?

My Mom is officially on Facebook. She has accumulated 3 friends so far. That is as of 3:00 on Saturday, February 27. Go Pat!

My dad will go out to his SUV (the same model we now own - see the gap shrinking?) after a storm rolls through and they lose phone and cable. Why? Because he's cooler than us and has a phone number just for his SUV through OnStar.

My grandmother is a little frustrated by her TV in her den. It's not an LCD TV like the one in her living room. She's also been contemplating getting on the internet because "You can't do a God damn thing without an email address." (Her words, not mine.)

My son wants the Lady GaGa CD for his CD player in his room. If he's going to take to Pop music, I hope he can find the rhythm needed to do it proud, just like his mother has. Bwahahaha!!

My daughter asked me to put the news on her radio last night when she went to bed. I found the NH NPR station - and 2 mins after I turned it on, they cut to a infomercial about inflamed prostate treatments. While I appreciate her efforts to learn about the world, I'm keeping the prostate gap RIGHT where it is. Back to Disney CDs!

Oh, and one last little, semi-related story. While my son was eating breakfast this morning, this is what we overheard coming from the table:

"Mmmmm...Yeeaahhh. That feels awesome. It's so warm when I stick my finger in it."

He was talking about the yoke of his fried egg...I leave you with that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dodge Ad: Shed a tear for the guys

This commercial irked me the first time I saw it during the Super Bowl. I was hoping it was a one time showing. But now that an abridged version greets me at various times of the day on TV I'm even more offended by Dodge. It's a shame men have it so hard these days. I mean all that pressure to co-exist with the women they're in love with must be tough. Buy a Charger. It'll make you feel better. Idiots.

So I was more than pleased when I discovered Woman's Last Stand as a rebuttal. I mean, seriously, at the end of the day the list of the sacrifices that are made by both men and women could go on and on...but I'm glad someone took note of the idiocricy of the original ad and poked fun at it.

*note: little profanity at the end but we can all use an f-bomb in our life every now and then

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get me outta this sweater!

I'm grateful for winter clothes that are big and bulky and can hide the added cushion during the cold winter months. Between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day it seems we are given ample opportunity to eat poorly and pack on some extra blubber to keep us warm. It's the New England way of life.

But around this time I start to get a little tired of pulling on pilly sweaters and heavy pants. My feet are sick of being crammed in boots and fuzzy slippers.  I've officially hit my "sick of winter wardrobe" time and long for flip flops, crop pants and short sleeves.

With that being said, I better start to long more for the gym and a fresh glow from sunshine, otherwise the yearly sighting of the Sierra Whale emerging from hibernation will be more than many can handle. Fifteen weeks til bathing suit season?  *Screeeech*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Study Group

This morning before leaving for school and work, we were studying for our first grade religion test. I say "our" test because I'm learning right along with my 7 year old, as is her younger brother who loves to sit and listen intently. 

This week's test is on the seven sacraments.  You know them, right. Yeah, well I thought I did too, but man was I wrong. I don't remember one called the Holy Orders?  But now I do and I'm hopeful my daugther knows them well enough to pass her test.

And while studying we were discussing how we show our love through words, singing and actions.She explained that there is a thing that you pull down in church when it's time to kneel and so that's an action. Close enough.

Then we talked about the special symbols in church which help us share God's love and they can include candles for light, bread for the Eucharist, grapes and wine...

Leave it to Mr. Never-Miss-An-Opportunity to blurt something out before I was even able to get the "..ine" out of my mouth:

"Hey Mommy!  Wine? You drink wine! You drink wine!"

"Yes, buddy, you're right. And that apparently makes your Mommy a very good Catholic."

I love study group....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suburban Updates

Looking for some juicy, drama-filled neighborhood updates like you find on Desperate Housewive's Wisteria Lane? Well, you're out of luck. Nothing like that here. But I have been a little busy so I thought I'd just share the fun tid-bits from our month so far.

Have I mentioned I'm currently dwelling with the Student of the Month? No. I didn't share that news? I must have. Well it's true!! And I'm ecstatic because she reeeeallllyyy needed that boost from school and it has been a complete turn around since early January.

The SOTM (student of the month) has been bringing home these puppies, too:

Yes, that's a 100 and not the only one she's brought home recently. Buh-bye 12's, 13's and 40's (for now anyway)

Also, we've all started wearing rubber soles and have stopped wearing fleece. It's a tad dry around these parts:

It's Electric!!  

Little guy is thriving in skating lessons. Okay, not thriving - more like surviving - but he seems to like it:

 What? What are you laughing at? Oh, I know. His big helmet, right? Yeah, looks kind of funny. (p.s. he's moved onto using crates for balance. This shot is purely blackmail for his first date)

Other than that, the kids have started up skiing again, but it was too damn cold to try and use the camera last Sunday to share with you, so maybe we'll get some money shots this weekend for a future post. 

Everyone is looking forward to February vacation - hubby took the week off too.  I"ll be working most of the week so no vacation for me. Luckily I have Monday off so we'll do something fun in the snow - or on the cement depending on how the latest snow storm tracks.

Happy February!!! And give your loved ones an extra squeeze on Sunday for Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Go out and play on the hard, solid dirt

You done with this winter yet? I sure am.

Especially as I hear from friends in the Mid-Atlantic region who are bracing for another blizzard to make this officially the snowiest winter on record for them. I mean, what's up with that? How did they get all the snow this year? Care to share just a little?

All we got was a few dumps of the white stuff in December and then icy tundra-like cold for the next 6 weeks that only froze up what was left of the white stuff after a freak 50 degree day and then created rock solid, frozen dirt.

Can't send the kids out to play because who wants to play outside in 12 degree weather on an ice covered film of snow covered in frozen dog poops - oops, sorry, too much information?

I will complete this rant with an upbeat thought: Punksutawny Phil is only right 38% of the time, so the odds are good we won't have 6 more weeks of winter - unless you live in Washington D.C.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Note to self: You are lame

So, guess who gets to go to Daisy's tonight?  I know - I'm LAME. Say it with me L-A-M-E! Remember this? Well, the troop leader's husband called me out on it and now I'm going to admit it to the blogosphere - we're not following through. Damn blog. Oh, Hi Chris! *wave*

But when the little lady came bouncing home with a 100 on a test that she studied really hard on, and an 80 on a surprise quiz - welllll - we still held the possibility of missing Daisy's over her head all weekend to keep her in line - but we caved.

Plus, it's Catholic School week so in celebration they have the night off from homework, which makes a huge difference because she won't be completely overloaded from her day.

It just seems that coming off of the weekend with a full day at school, an hour at after school, the hour at Daisy's and her usual homework tasks makes for an unusually combative daughter by dinner. And tears by bed time.

Do you have one day of the week that seems to push your kid over the edge?  And are you a big wuss like me and can't follow through.....? Support me here people...please...