Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give a boy his privacy

It occurred to me last evening that I hadn't seen my son in a while.

His coat was still hung up so I assumed he didn't leave the house (I should be a detective, I know).

I called his name and he answered with his typical, "WHAT?" from the bathroom.

I asked the all too familiar, "What are you doing?" He was in the bathroom so I knew what he was doing.

I pushed the door open slightly when he didn't respond to find him comfortably seated on the throne, pants at his ankles, with his DS in hand playing his new I Spy game.

I asked him to please put the game down and finish up his business and get out.

He closed his DS, jumped off the seat, pointed to his accomplishment and exclaimed, "I AM done with my business.  I was just looking for some peace and quiet so I could hear what the lady on the game is telling me to do!"

Right. Because I'm the loud one in the family that never lets YOU have peace and quiet....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I learned attending a grown up dinner party

1. Deviled eggs is not the appetizer of choice for grown ups. They prefer things with goat cheese, scallops and pesto served on crostinis. And served in a dozen, not in Costco quantities.

2. Candlesticks look pretty when you light them - with fire.

3. Wine glasses are not always 12 ounces.  And when you try to pour the wine once with the cork still in it, you really shouldn't try to pour it twice with the cork still in it.  You look foolish (or drunk).

4. Plates do come in something other than paper or plastic. And served warm make for a toasty surprise.

5.  Silverware is silver - and includes more than a fork and knife.

6. Soup served before a meal is awesome - especially served in cute teacups and not made from a can.

7. You don't have to cram everyone in your kitchen. Suggesting you "move to the living room and sit by the fire" works - and if you bring your crostinis and wine bottles in there, people will follow.

8.  No matter how fancy the party, if you put two Moms together at a table the topic of childbirth always surfaces.

9.  When chocolate souffle arrives at the table for dessert, and you know it's chocolate souffle, don't try to be witty and ask what it's called like someone might randomly rename it.  You look foolish (or drunk).

10.  Adults use their dining room tables to dine, not collect mail, old newspapers and junk.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christina - the Puerto Rican me

Most of my husband's family calls me by the name Christina.  I often get emails from new contacts who will refer to me as Christina.  I have a great friend whose name IS Christina...wonder how often she's called Christine?

The point of my story is not so much the mistaken identity as it is about how I feel like a little bit of the Latin blood from my in-laws is seeping into my body after almost two decades of knowing my husband.

I keep Goya products in my home like they have been there since I grew up - which is so not true.  Items like Goya Sazon packets, Goya Sofrito (only the frozen version, never the jar), Goya beans of all colors, Goya rice Spanish olives, and Goya tomato sauce.

I've discovered that adding any of those items to an ordinary dinner makes for a wonderful Puerto Rican feast.  Take tonight, for example.  In the crock pot I threw in 2 boneless chicken breast, a small can of Goya tomato sauce, a can of diced tomatoes, a heaping spoonful of Sofrito, a sazon packet, chopped up potato and carrots.  Simmer all day and serve with rice.  Um, delicious!

It's little things like that that make me feel like it's possible to go from Christine to Christina.  It coincides with the fact that after all these years of trying I have finally mastered arroz con gandules...rice with pigeon peas for anyone named Christine.

Comer en casa!

Monday, January 17, 2011

So what are you doing next Sunday?

Ugh. I'm glad I didn't drink heavily yesterday or I would have woken up with both a hangover and a bout of football depression.

Mind you, I'm not your numero uno Boston sports fan, but I do enjoy riding the wave when our teams are winning. And I road the Patriots wave all the way to a stomach ache yesterday watching them crumble on their home turf, to of all team, the JETS!

Usually a loss is a disappointment - but after days of Neanderthal comments from the head coach of the Jets I really wanted to stick it to 'em...beat them just to shut them up.

Alas, we lost. My son, who has yet to grasp the concept of hometown loyalty or the fact that you really should have a "favorite" team, was perfectly fine with the loss because his "other favorite team" is the Jets.  But was this really necessary:

Well, at least that frees up next Sunday to do other things.  Want to meet me to NOT watch the game next Sunday??

Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, Helloooo Twenty-eleven!!

It's here. The New Year is here. I can leave behind all the blah and phooey of twenty-ten and start anew.

Because that's what new years are for, right?  New. That's why they call them New Years. They'd call them Same Ole Same Ole Year if they weren't New...glad we cleared that up.

So, what is happening in the New Year...well, not much.  I'm settling into my new "job" at Carlton PR & Marketing question.  I don't really have a title.  You can call me "Business Partner", or "Unpaid Employee Number Two" or "Intern"...I respond to all of them.

But with some seriousness, I've joined a smart, connected, ambitious, level-headed and creative woman (former Ithaca College graduate, as well) at her consulting firm, which is appropriately named after her, and we are offering services to small to medium sized businesses that need social media, PR or other marketing resources.

We have some very cool ideas bopping around and will be engaged in Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week Part Deux in the Fall, and right now I'm coordinating the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in NYC on April 12 (sounds fancy, right? SYMPOSIUM.... and we are working on a few "contracts" out in the field.

I'm really excited because, while the mortgage isn't getting paid yet and I still have sleepless nights, I know that with the right focus and ambition this is what works best for me.  Communicating, networking and assisting people is what I love - blame it on my job start 26 years ago serving OJ and eggs as a waitress and making sure I had happy customers or blame it on a gene in my DNA - if I can help you or someone you know, give me a shout.

Welcome 2011 - it's nice to see you!