Monday, December 7, 2009

First flakes of the season

This brought a little bit of Christmas joy to our house this weekend.

Pretty, right? But I still can't help feeling that things are a tad off this year. This year was the first year I didn't take the picture of the kids for our Christmas cards. I missed shouting, "Get closer. Stop making goofy faces. Pretend you love each other. Closer. Smile. Smile. Smile."

We went out to choose our tree yesterday and when we put it up it ended up being 2 feet too short for my liking. We were trudging through a mud pit at our local farm (in my favorite UGGS - go ahead, call me petty, but I love those boots) so we sort of rushed picking out a tree and the kids were cold and repeating "Mommy, do you like this day? I don't like this day with all this mud."

We took a horse-drawn carriage ride - around the parking lot - of the local strip mall in town - in the freezing cold - and then visited Mrs. Claus and her very, well, uhm, well, "Elfy" Elf. He was certainly into the role.

To date, we haven't gone to see Ole Saint Nick yet. Every Christmas event we've been to we've missed him by a few minutes (or a whole day) and now the thought of squeezing in a visit to the Mall Santa is not top of my list.

I have no exciting gifts for anyone this year. I can't think of anything that screams "Wait-until-you-open-this-you-aren't-going-to-believe-what-is-under-the-tree-I-am-the-most-creative-gift-giver-ever!" It seems iTunes gift cards just don't solicit that reaction. *Sigh*

I know - I know. Those are all "things" that are making me sad. I'll turn it around. I just need a little Christmas magic and for that I lean on the spiked egg nog sights and sounds of the season.

We attended hubby's company Christmas party last Friday. It was fun pretending to be part of an organization of more than 12 men. I forgot what that was like. My daughter took a picture of us dressed up...then her brother wanted in on it...with the snowman...and I swear our house isn't sinking to the right.

Tomorrow I volunteer at the Santa shopping day for the school. I shall steer 3rd and 4th graders to the perfect gift for their parents - for under $10.

Wednesday is supposed to bring more snow and I'll get out to do more shopping this weekend and maybe something will jump out at me as creative and fantastic as a gift. Next week is the Christmas Show for the K, 1st and 2nd graders at school - that is always so fun(ny).

I hope you are finding ways to stir your inner-Christmas spirit. Share them so I can join in. Or check out what some of the local ladies are doing here: New England Mamas

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