Friday, June 25, 2010

Tipped upside down

I always proclaim, "It's harder to find a new job when you have a job, then when you don't!"

I guess I'm about to find out if that is true.

Sneaking around on job interviews and to meetings is so stressful when you are unhappy at your place of work. The lies. The fake sick days. Ugh.  However, when you love your place of work, it is just as stressful to find out that you no longer have that happy place. The shock. The sadness. The despair. Ugh.

My draft post for last week was supposed to be a tribute to my husband and my Dad for Father's Day.  Instead, that got dumped in a bucket when I found out that the world as I have known it for 3 years was about to change.

I explained to my children what happened so they wouldn't be freaked out when I started picking food out of the garbage and shouting (more than normal) "This toast is too damn expensive to throw away without eating the crust!" My daughter started brainstorming ideas. They are as follows:

Work at school
Work at a restaurant "You'd be really good at that" (been there, done that)
Work at the Mall (her favorite pick)

and after her shower last night:

Work at....uhm...well...I can't think of any more

Yeah kid, neither can I.

Onward. Upward. Outward. Chin up. Can't cry until they foreclose on the house. There are no tears in unemployment.

Keep the wine away. The pity party could get ugly.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh, hugs to you Christine! Don't go down the foreclosure road yet! You are awesome and just keep networking. . .something will come up for you that is better than the mall.

Jolene said...

wow, sorry to hear that...truly. I'm one completely unhappy in my own job, but I have to remind myself that I am fortunate to have it, nonetheless. Best of luck, you got this, I just know it!

Julie B said...

((HUGS)) You'll do OK. You've got skills, experience and lots of networking around you.
I agree with FOM, something will come up!