Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parenting 24/7

Ready for some honesty 101?  Here goes.

I'm approaching very uncertain times for me - because of the job situation we decided it wouldn't be a good idea to send the kids to summer camp starting July 26 through the start of school.  It was just too expensive and the place we use wouldn't allow us to cut our days to 2 a week.  It was 5 days or it was nothing.

So...deep breath...that means the kids and I will be spending 7 days a week together. 24 hours. Non-stop. No school. No camp. You're probably like "So what? They're your kids."  I love them. I have since they day they entered the world. No. Before then. When they kicked and squirmed inside of me.  But save for the first 14 months of my daughter's life, I haven't spent all day with them for more than a week.

That seems so odd to type.  I went right back to work about 10 weeks after Alex was born and hubby did Mr. Mom duty with him.  I'm nervous.  I've always admired Mom's who are home with their kids all day because I really don't know if I have it in me to be that type of parent.

So, Moms and Dads, lay on the advice and suggestions on how to keep your kids occupied during the summer months - I'm ALL EARS.  I'm thinking keeping the wine stocked for wine o'clock when Daddy gets home may be the first thing I need to do?


Tammy said...

I wish you luck! I don't think I could do it. I know what you mean about loving them...but 24/7?!? Take them to Grammy's beach house for a few days : )
I will be thinking of you!
Love you!

Julie B. said...

Beach trips, playdates (drop off ones are the best). Look into the Summer reading program at the library, might not be too late to join. Speaking of the library, get free passes to zoos and museums from your local library. Activity books, sprinklers, playdoh, sand art, nature walks.
Visit friends, (its free except the gas it takes to get there).
Rainy days, play wii, visit more friends, play in the puddles. Catch up on some movies. Look into the local theatre, sometimes they offer free movies at 10 AM (usually older ones but still entertaining and free). Explore playgrounds that are further away from your house. Paint outside, paint inside, make your own paint, ride bikes, walk the beach.

Thankfully its summer and the list of free or inexpensive things to do is pretty much endless.

Feel free to call us anytime. We just put in a pool, sooo much more fun when we have company!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Lots of hugs. And you can always come visit us! The drive alone will eat up half your day! ; )

Anonymous said...

Although my child is much younger than yours, I think the concepts are the same... I try to book one "activity" per day. That way, you have a plan and you don't wake up looking at 12 hours to fill. It's something fun and can be free*, then the rest of the day can be for errands, cleanup around the house, whatever... and independent play for them. (I struggle with this, but I gotta tell you, my parents didn't spend a lot of time entertaining me, we just figured out stuff to do, and I try to remember that from time to time)

I personally look at it as a huge gift to be able to spend all day at home with my son. That said, you also should give yourself permission not to feel guilty when there are moments during the day where you feel tried, bored, or frustrated. You're human and that's life. We all get tired, bored, and frustrated at times with a paying job too, so why wouldn't full time parenthood be the same?

* check out Boston Central newsletter... they have weekly emails that list stuff going on in the area. Visiting friends (playdates?) is the best... free, and *YOU* have someone to talk to and hang out with! Also I'm sure you already know this, but the library is full of discounted passes to local museums... great day trips.