Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just wait, there's more...!

Did you survive spring vacation at your house? Our children had an extra day off...after having 5 days off...which inevitably led to me hiding in my bedroom last night for an hour just to enjoy "me" time after a realllllly busy couple of weeks (literally...hubby entered and proclaimed "There you are!").

But things are back to "normal" today. I'm alone in the house with the dog, cat, two fish and my @ThisIsRobThomas stream on Twitter.  I absolutely love month 10 of unemployment.  Ok, that's not true but I do love my quiet house today.

Naturally this post is about my kids - after all those days together something was bound to come about.  And while I'll spare you the bickering, hitting, kicking, crying and overall nastiness that occurred, I will share this bit of information which you may find helpful:

Now if you tilt your head (because when I view this in a Photo Editor it is horizontal but when I upload it to Blogspot it is vertical so just deal with it!) and look at that card you'll notice this is not a love note to Mom for all the wonderful things she did over vacation like take them to see the movie Rio, or into Boston to the Children's Museum where they each go to pick a toy marked up 5000%, or help them with their school projects...this is the 800# for "Grow your own Butterflies".  You'll notice in the upper right the cost is $19.99 and "You18" means you have to be 18 to order (which is why it was left for me).  This week they started to recite "Just wait, there's more..." and "They'll send us 2 for the price of 1". 

On the bright side, he's practicing his numbers, right?  I'm hoping the results will show there is some educational value after spending 75% of our school vacation in front of the tube...because they obviously forgot about the 25% when we got out and had fun!

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