Monday, July 9, 2012

The lovely ladies in my life!

We had drama last night with little guy but he's over it. He had a fun day at camp and loves his life again. Sadness averted for now!

But it really got me thinking about my girlfriends. And ironically, one of the women who inspires me to be the type of Mom that I am today recently moved to Arizona and is back for a visit and we had dinner tonight - and I realized how much I missed her!

As women we come across those straight shooters that tell it like it is;

"That shirt makes you look fat." 
"What were you thinking with that hair cut?" 
"Time to use face cream."

But she isn't one of those shooters, she's the type of shooter that supports your decisions, encourages you to achieve and makes you believe you're doing the best you can, given what you are handed in life. And I love that! Because that's the type of girlfriend I want to be. 

I would never want to be remembered as the friend that points out your weaknesses, but rather the friend that reminds you of your strengths.I'd want to support your decisions no matter how hard they are for you, or how different they are from the decision I'd make. Because at the end of the day, friends are there to lift you up, make you laugh, remind you of the beauty you often forget is there, and support your matter how crazy they may be. I hope each day I can give that back to the women I know.

And with that, I want to thank the lovely ladies in my life that laugh at my silly stories, tolerate my insecurities, and remind me that no matter how much I doubt myself that I'm doing an okay job.  YOU keep me grounded and help me get through the crap. And whether we've known each other 40 years, 20 years, 10 years or 5...there is a special place in my world for all of you and that is so freaking cool!


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Tania said...

You my friend are one of those wonderful friends that support/listen and never judge! We all struggle with life lessons and it's wonderful to know that you as well are there for unconditional support. We have been blessed with the friends that we CHOOSE to have! I have missed you too!!