Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm being introduced to a new language: Tween

When I first started this blog I would chronicle all the funny things my young children would say. The words they'd mispronounce. The popular phrases they'd get wrong. But now that they are so much older and speaking English, I'm still discovering I have a lot to learn about their language. And I'm not talking about the texting kind...I mean the one using WORDS!

My daughter will be 12 in December. Let's think about that - but not too long because it scares the crap out of me. She is exploring her sass and swagger and is PERFECTING the eye-roll. Bravo my dear.

She also insists on talking. All the time. About things I don't understand. All the time. All the time.

Typical evening in my house.

I arrive sometime after 6 because traffic sucks, again.
I walk into the house with an almost-12-year-old trailing behind.
A puppy attacks me for attention so I walk into the other room.
I put my bags down and it begins:

"Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mommy Mom. Mom. Mommy. Where'd you go?"
"Right here Abby!"
"Oh good. You know what happened at school today? It was so funny. Matt and Tom almost fell and then Gabi said "You're a chicken" which made Cooper laugh. [shoves a snack in her mouth and continues] (Muffle, Muffle) and then I ran backwards. Brendan didn't see that. So Matt threw the ball and hit Brooke, but that's okay because she's tall. And I had to go to the bathroom. It was so funny LOL!!! Oh, and then I saw Ryan but he was wearing green. I'll let Sandi know."
"That's great Abby. Did you finish your homework?"

What?! Did you get that?? Cuz I certainly didn't. But that represents a typical story. Every night. In fact, after sitting with her at Alex's football practice for two hours, I told her I was going to look for the "off" switch. She said "Good luck. It only comes on at night." I think she's right!

So, I am going to implore Rosetta Stone to create the Tween package instead of Spanish, German and Italian. Because there must be mother's around the globe that prefer to learn THAT instead. Raise your hands!! And I do love that she talks to me - and I do listen - it's the comprehension that throws me for a loop. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy!

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sally said...

You are so lucky that she chats to you about her day wish my kids had done that after school but they were too busy chatting to friends on their phones. Soon it will become all secretive as she becomes a teenager so enjoy it for now. Love the blog x