Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please tell me...

Your oldest child constantly yells at your youngest child.

Your youngest child constantly teases your oldest child.

Your 8 year old can stomp up stairs so loud that part of the ceiling chips off with every given tantrum.

Tears flow every day from all your children, for no apparent reason, and from no real water source.

"I'm hungry" is whined in your ear every 45 minutes.

"Get away from me" is shouted even more frequently than "I'm hungry."

No one answers when you ask them repeatedly to feed the dog, let the dog in, let the dog out or leave the dog alone.

Amusement is only had when screaming and chasing the cat around the house.

Your basement/playroom/living room/kitchen/multiple bedrooms/garage and yard area contain nothing but piles of plastic toys and little, clear wrappers from juice box straws.

Because if you can tell me all of these things, then I'll know I'm not alone in this insane parenting world, and I would greatly appreciate that right now.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hang in there. My kids will play well and then, whammo!, chaos. And the whining may kill me before I'm 44.

I think we need a Thompson reunion stat.

Julie B. said...

When the get along, they get along so well I can only faintly remember the bickering. When they don't get along I feel like I've done something wrong that caused them to not get along.
All of what you described sounds normal to me!
Hang in there mama! You're doing great!

But I am with FOM, a Thomson reunion is definitely a great idea! We can all go out and drink and pretend we are young 20 somethings again.

Liz said...

Um, yup. This is pretty much what is happening here with only slight variations due to the lack of 4 footed furry friends. I'm trying to figure out how to not let it bother me, the only answer I've come up with so far is: wine.