Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everything costs more these days - even paper towels

While on a mission with the kids to find an umbrella stand on Tornado Wednesday - something that proved to be more difficult than I thought - our adventure took us to BJ's Wholesale Club in the late afternoon.

Amidst all the running around from Target to Walmart to Home Depot and then BJ's I managed to consume 32 oz of Diet Coke easily.

God-willing, we were able to find a nice 50 lb steel umbrella stand at BJ's, roll it up and into a shopping cart, check out without any "extras" in our possession and head straight for the rest room where I corralled the kids in and made a dash to a stall.

Upon exiting with a renewed sense of relief to wash my hands I noticed my daughter was standing with her hands dripping wet from the sink and mumbling, "I don't like those dryers".  The jet engine dryers that blow the skin on your hands in various directions are not her favorite.  I waved my hands under the automatic faucet at the right angle to finally get the thing going when I hear her exclaim, "I did not know they had paper towels here!"  I glanced over at the steel holder on the wall at the precise moment she screeched, "WHOA!  They charge 25c for paper towels here.  Why would they charge 25c? I can't believe anyone would charge for paper towels!! Look Alex, 25c for paper towels."

For what seemed like eternity she "Whoa'd" and "Wow'd" about the 25c paper towel holder so much that my son was now fascinated at the steel contraption hanging on the wall that clearly did not dispense paper towels.

With a quick and feverish motion I waved my hands and shouted "Let's go. We don't want anyone stealing our umbrella stand from our cart out side.  Let's move. Step away from the box. It's not paper towels - carry on."

That last observation should have been kept inside my head because as we were exiting the bathroom the conversation continued with "What do you mean it wasn't paper towels? What was in there? What costs 25c? Tell me. What was in there for 25c?"

"Can I buy you guys an icee while we're here?"

Colored, sugar infused ice will distract them every time.

So, parents - when is the right time to discuss the expandable, tube shaped paper towels on a string with my daughter? I'm frankly not prepared to do go there yet with an 8 year old!!


Whirlwind said...

OMG - I am so afraid to broach this subject with Alex too (who is almost 1o).

Liz said...

Ha! This post was NOT about paper towels! I am so gullible.