Monday, April 21, 2008

Side burns at 3?

My son hates to get his hair cut. We haven't figured out why, and we have tried every thing to get him to sit still and let the buzzers do their thing. We went to the Snip-It "salon" and tried to bribe him with animal crackers, movies and bubbles - nope. We went to Super Cuts and promised him a dozen lollipops if he just sat still - nope. Our last resort was the "big boy" barber shop down the street...I really thought peer pressure would work - nope.

So now he has a jagged, rather chopped up look on his head where they attempted to do some cutting at the barber, along with these lovely long tresses sort of rooting out by his ears.

I'm just wondering if I can call them side burns when he's only 3?? Or maybe we'll just let him grow it long - why not? Seems all the celebrity Mom's are letting their kids do it these days - yes those are boys!

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Um, I like long hair on boys, but 'long', is like chin-length IMO. That long, flowy hair stuff is way too girlie for me.