Friday, April 18, 2008

Can I have Bessert?

I love listening to my children in the midst of learning the English language. My daughter has a fabulous sweet tooth - but much like her mother it is very selective. Only the frosting on the cupcake gets eaten - who needs the cake part? Vanilla ice cream is the best...why mess with perfection?

However, knowing when the sweet tooth has kicked in proves to be a little trickier when her request includes her own 5 year old language.

"I'm done eating dinner. Can I please have Bessert?"

"You mean, Dessert?"

"Yeah, Bessert."

"Sure honey. You enjoy your Bessert."

A couple of months ago I realized how frequently the words "idiot" and "stupid" are used in Disney movies. I'm not a huge prude, but I still very rarely say "bad" words in front of my own parents so I am going to expect the same from my kids. Luckily, I may not have to worry about any bad words spoken in my house. My daughter did something rather foolish the other day and grabs her head and mutters,

"Ugh! I'm such an indian."

I wasn't about to say,

"No honey, you meant to say 'I'm such an idiot'"

so I let her run with that, but did explain that everyone does foolish things so maybe next time she could us that word instead - don't need the new neighbors thinking we're prejudice!!

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hey there woman! I'm with you on the frosting/cupcake thing---cake is just a delivery system for the frosting.

And, love the idiot mix up.