Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Old

I don't want to be old - but as I enter my last year in my 30's, I feel reallly old these days.

I am attending a conference in the San Francisco area this week and it has occured to me that I am so far behind in the times that I dont' know how I'll ever catch up.

To start, people dont' take notes during conferences any more - at least not with pens and paper. They type, and type, and type, and type away on their laptops while the speakers present. I find it incredibly distracting, but apparently if you aren't blogging about what you are watching, well then you aren't a true attendee. They click away on their blackberries or treos or iphones during presentations and answering a call mid-sentence is apparently okay as well.

The last conference I went to was probably in 2001 and we all scribbled away with our hotel-provided pens to be sure we captured the important tid-bits of the day to share with our colleagues left behind in the office.

I'm old - I just coudn't bring myself to lug my laptop to all the sessions this week and maybe it's more because, quite frankly, I don't think I can type that fast!!!

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