Sunday, December 21, 2008

My butt has finally defrosted

At the time we booked our adventure in November, a horse drawn ride through the woods of NH seemed like the perfect way to kick off the official Christmas week. And then a snowstorm arrived the night before our adventure. And the temps dropped to the teens. And the snow didn't want to let up the day of the "sleigh ride" so we drove slowly up to NH. And the sleigh ended up being a wagon full of hay - with no seats - and little hay - and mostly snow - on which I sat my butt upon (in only jeans) that caused the snow to melt and subsequently freeze my ass in the temperatures that hovered around 12 degrees.

So, while festive, the "sleigh ride" was a real pain in the ass.

It was decided that this will be our last trek through the NH woods - until next year when I get the email with the discount code for the holiday lighted hayride and I'll think "it wasn't that bad" - sort of like childbirth - and we'll do it all again.

But the Santa Claus at the end was fantastic, as were the reindeer. But my favorite moment was the characters that were along the pathway, waving to the kids, including a giant gingerbread man to whom my son screamed:

"Hey! Hey! Do you know the muffin man?"

which made everyone forget the frigid temps and hard, hay strewn wagon we were in and laugh at his curiosity. But, he was serious. He really wanted to know if he knew the muffin man - but the gingerbread man just kept waving so we'll never know.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

He is a trip! Too funny. I've done some local hay rides here and, while they are fun, I end up putting on so many clothes I can barely move!