Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drugs, please!!

Crap. Woke up before the sunrise to a layer of snow and slush so I could drive 2 hours to the "office" and as I am heading out the door my daughter wakes up in tears "My ear hurts"...cough, cough, hack, gag, sob, sob...

Trade off this time - Daddy works from home and takes her to the doctor while I stew over it the whole drive west.

Maybe that cough I've been treating with nasal decongestant and cough medicine should have been treated with antibiotics. Diagnosis: Ear infection. I see adnoid removal in her future. I think the tube fell out and now she's on her 2nd infection this season. We shall find out at the ENT on the 27th.

Bad Mommy!

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Liz said...

Oh bummer! I know that second guess feeling..."should I have noticed this before this morning?" or the "why did make plans today?" feeling. I hope she is better soon.