Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idiot Nation

This post has nothing to do with Michael Moore so if it came up in your Google search, go away...unless you want to partake in the upcoming rant. Sorry friends and family but I am on a tear today and it's all aimed at mass emails!

True or False:

  • Licking Swiffer WetJet on the floor killed a German Shepard.

  • Cell phone users need to register their phones with Do Not Call before Wednesday to avoid telemarketing calls.

  • Microsoft and AOL are going to pay you every time you forward an email.

  • A fifteen year old boy named Evan Trembley is missing.

  • Entering your PIN in reverse at the ATM will summons the police.

  • Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine.

  • Of all of those email headlines only this one is true.

    I know this fact not because my friend's Aunt Sally sent her an email and then she sent it to me, but because there is a whole site dedicated to hoax emails. And just like the old adage that says, "You can't believe everything you see on TV", same is true for everything you read in email, or online.

    PLEASE - if you feel the need to forward that ridiculous email about how the eagle faces backwards on the Presidential seal when we are at war, feel the need to check the facts, first. It's so easy. Enter your "warning" into Google Search and you can pretty easily find out if it's fact or fiction, or go straight to and look it up. They even offer a service to alert you to hoax emails if you are too lazy to check it out.

    I've had about enough spam lately from outside sources, I don't want any more from people I actually love and respect.

    I'll step off my box now. Thanks for listening.


    Reff said...

    I'll never give up on you Evan. NO MATTER WHAT!

    Fairly Odd Mother said...

    While we're at it, could we just tell Michael Vincent that I do NOT NEED A NEW JOB! He never stops, that guy.

    Suburb Sierra said...

    Don't worry Reff - you aren't alone. The way those things circulate, your youngest will be looking for Evan in 15 years, too.