Friday, February 6, 2009

Hanging by a thread

Dear Dog-lovers...don't hate me.

Our dog stands about 5 inches from the ground. If you recall, this is what he looks like when he is in trouble for being on the couch.

Well, with all this snow piling up, there have been fewer and fewer places for him to do his business. He's very particular that nothing touching his butt. Even when he sits, his ass is always elevated off the floor. We tend to clear out a section in the backyard for him to conduct his daily dropping and then in the spring we scream to the kids "STAY AWAY FROM THE WINTER POOP AREA!" as they head out the door.

Well yesterday the poor guy was all out of sorts. It was not only STILL snow-covered out back, but it was icy AND about negative 5 degrees with the windchill. The little guy has discovered that under the slide to the swing set the snow doesn't pile up like the rest of the yard, so guess where his new dropping spot is...Bingo. This spring we'll be screaming "STAY AWAY FROM UNDER THE SLIDE ON THE SWINGSET!" Gross.

Anyway, as I was watching him do his duty from the warmth inside the living room, I noticed him spinning in circles. And walking around a lot. And lifting his poor frozen paws off the snow time and time again. What was wrong? What should I do? It's freeeeezing out and rushing to his aid wasn't on my top list...sorry.

Then I realized what was happening. Just dangling. Wouldn't come off. Literally by a thread, or hair, or string. What did you expect me to do?? Rush out and pull it out for him.

I watched as he's done something I've ever seen before. He dragged his ass on the snow and then ran into the house at rocket launch speed. Momma loves you puppy, but not enough to pull a poop string out of your ass.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

What I wouldn't give for a video of your little fellow doing his 'dance'.

Anonymous said...

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