Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Who says that? Honestly. Would you ever walk around touting your beauty? You can, however, hate me because my *attempt* at beauty has landed me a free 1 hour massage!

I am a frequent flier at our local Spa (here to be exact) and the staff provides me with everything from manicures to pedicures to hair cuts, root color, blow dries and eyebrow waxing. I consider all of this "maintenance" at my age. This relationship is going on 2 years and over 6 dozen lunch-time appointments.

What I have never been able to squeeze into my life there is a facial or massage. The last facial I had was probably during the boom of 2000 when money flowed like water (i.e. before children) and my last massage was a pre-natal one I splurged on in 2004. My little man was quite the kicker and Mommy needed some way to relax before I demanded he be removed from my uterus.

So, needless to say, I was THRILLED when I was sitting in my regular chair waiting for one service or other during lunch the other day and the front desk manager blurted out:

"Hey. Christine. You've never had a massage here, right?"

"Ahh. Ah. No."

"Great. We have a new guy who needs people to work on in order to get his final certificate and so far everyone has really liked him. It's free. Want to come by during lunch next Wednesday?"

"Ahh. Ah. Hell ya!"

All that sitting in the waiting area, tipping outrageously, and rebooking every 6 months has finally paid off. I will be horizontal for lunch next Wednesday with some guy named Chad relaxing my muscles. Hey, wait. Is that legal when you're married?

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

I LOVE massages by men. (I know that sounds bad)---but they have really good, big hands and they can really work at your muscles. (OK that sounds even worse!).

Why don't I just say: Have a great massage!