Friday, June 19, 2009

Lettuce Eat

The first batch from the CSA arrived Tuesday. Guess what I got? A whole lotta lettuce. 7 heads to be exact. I will not be this ambitious, but I will say 4 heads of romaine, a head of bib, a head of red and green lettuce will drive a girl to drink when it's not exactly SALAD weather outside. I'm warming up soups for lunch to soothe my weather depression - all the while knowing I have healthy, leafy veggies waiting for me. Sigh.

I did cook up beets - after I realized they weren't radishes. Dad almost got a bunch of beets for Father's Day. I know he likes fresh radishes and I was ready to pawn them off. Good thing I had a Eureka-moment driving the other day and inspected my little purple friends closer. I think Alex ate most of them...yummy.

We have Rhubarb that will likely find it's way to the rubbish, sadly. I'm not a baker and from what I can tell that's about all you can do with rhubarb - add it to strawberries for pies, crisps and muffins.

Parsley will look pretty sprinkled over my roasted potato wedges tonight, and Kale will sit in the fridge for a bit until I find the energy to look up kale recipes. Don't rush me!

I sure hope there are more beets next week. I only got to enjoy 1/2 of one...


Whirlwind said...

My girls LOVE eating fresh rhubarb dipped in sugar.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I have a great Kale soup recipe! Perfect for days like this and super fast and easy---it's a Rachel Ray/30 minute meal soup called: Ribollita con Verdure---just go to Food Network and search under that term.
BTW, I never add the bacon, use veggie stock and skip the cheese, and it is AWESOME. Have fun with your CSA. The first year is really overwhelming, but it gets a bit easier to manage once you get used to your particular farm's 'schedule'.

Suburb Sierra said...

Thanks Ladies. As the minority in the family who actually eats veggies, I'll be healthy as an Ox by Fall trying all these new things :)