Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mold on my toes: kicking off summer vacation

The past couple of weeks in New England have been a tad depressing. It's June and while I don't LOVE hot weather, I sort of expect it to be rolling in this time of year. Anything above 75 would be appropriate. I don't need 90. Or even 85. Hovering in the 50's and 60's isn't working. I just want to put my big, stretched out, overworn, ugly, black sweater away for the season and work in shorts and a T-shirt at my desk. Too much to ask? Apparently so.

So while I feel like mold is growing between my toes from all the moisture, I also decided not to let it win out and stop us from doing fun summer things! It's officially summer vacation time you know!

Last Thursday, Hubby and I went to the Yankees/Red Sox game and thanks to our neighbors season tickets, sat in the front row along the right field line and had the best view of the Green Monster. It poured. Hard. For the final 3 innings. But we didn't let it get us down. We put on the trusty ponchos and cheered the Red Sox to a comeback. Ok...I cheered the Red Sox to a victory. Hubby was sad his Yankees lost by blowing their lead.

Then there was kindergarten graduation on Friday. Again, partly cloudy most of the day but we did get glimpses of the yellow orb in the afternoon so not a complete wash out. With all the gray skies I was happy that my daughter could provide a glimpse of color on the stage:

So proud of you, you little first grader!

Saturday was FINALLY a nice day and that meant YARD WORK! Old pansies were relocated from the window boxes to under the tree. Mulch was refreshed. Spring flowers were cut back. Grass was cut. New hanging plants were hung. It felt like a heat wave when it hit 75 that day. Bring it on....

Then take it back with more rain on Sunday. But that didn't stop us - no siree. If Canobie Lake was open, we were going! And going we did!

The weather was spotty at best, so the park decided to close at 4:30. We had the place to ourselves most of the day, without lines, so we couldn't complain. As we were exiting they gave us passes to come back any day that season because of the rain. Score! Two for one. Love that!

So while the rain has made the grass soggy and the outdoor activities a bit rough, we forge ahead with summer vacation. Only 10 weeks til school starts again!!

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