Friday, April 2, 2010

Off the beaten path

Today I was reminded how incredibly boring my daily commutes are.

A couple of days a week, in the morning, I drive less than a mile to the gym, hit the donut shop drive thru for my super sized Diet Coke, then home.

I sit at my computer all day and then drive 2 miles to the after school building to pick up the kids. Then we drive the 2 miles home.

Depending on my day, I may take a right instead of a left to head home and swing by Super Stop & Shop to grab a few items - but only if I think the kids will withstand the 10 mins without meltdowns in the chip aisle.

At lunch I sometimes hit Target, again another couple of miles back and forth.

And then there are my bi-monthly visits to my PR firm which is no more than 5 miles down the road.

Boring and basic, wouldn't you say?

Well, today you would have thought I took the kids on a safari adventure.  I forgot I promised them a treat on the way home from after school so I took a quick left down the first side street I saw so I could turn around and my son screams out, "Oh man! Cooool!!  I didn't know you could that!"

I asked him, "Do what?"

He said, "Go down this street. It's like we live some place new. Awesome!"

After executing my 3 point turn I realized, I gotta spice up our commutes more.  Maybe next week I'll bang a U-turn and see what they do...

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