Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm not laughing

Joke's on me.

I woke up a little early today for two specific reasons:

1. To check email because the big boss in the UK was going to have a meeting this morning but as of last night I hadn't heard what time. And with my luck, he'd pick 7:00 a.m. ET and I'd miss it and hear about it for days.

2. Today was my planned day two of C25K training. I'm actually excited to do this running thing.

What happened?  Oh, at 6:48 a.m. ET big boss decided he needed to go to London and canceled the meeting, and after getting myself all pumped up to get to the gym for day two, I cross the bridge to the other side of town and there is no power.

No working traffic lights. No gas stations open.  No gym open. Funny, the donut/coffee shop was still serving food and super sized lattes without power. Nothing stops that guy from waking people up on the way to work.

So, I turned back around and here I sit. It's going to be a fun April 1, I can just tell!!! If only I had the nerve (and a stop watch) to try running out on the pavement. Shivers.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Outside running is so much more fun! Honest! I don't have a stopwatch, run slower than some of the walkers and don't have any cool gear. But, it's super easy to just step outside and just count in your head. It'll make the time go quicker, honest.

Julie said...

I just started that program too! I have run at the gym and outside. The gym is easier but you get a different energy after running outside. You can do it!

mommy in a small town said...

I'm running inside on a treadmill too. I did one run outside and it was hard. And at around 5:30 in the morning it's too dark for me to feel comfortable running outside. I'm hoping I feel confident enough in my running abilities to start running outside more as daylight comes earlier!