Tuesday, May 10, 2011

High aspirations

My children only want the best. Kraft mac n' cheese.  Nestle chocolate milk. Third place.


Field Day is Friday for the kid's school, and since Abby snagged a 1st place ribbon in Kindergarten and a 2nd place ribbon in 1st grade she is desperate to win a 3rd place ribbon this year.  You know...to make the set complete.

And, you'll be happy to learn that my son has already decided on his life's occupation. He proudly exclaimed today:

"Mommy. When I get bigger, I'm going to be a guy with gloves and a big trash bag and I'm going to walk around picking up all the trash on the ground."

So while most would think my kids are setting rather low standards, I argue the opposite. I think my daughter has learned that life is not all about winning or coming in first but completing the job...and her brother truly understands the environmental ignorance and its affect on his generation.

Our family would be proud of 3rd place trash collectors....what do your kids aspire to be?  A first place surgeon? They clearly don't get it.

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