Wednesday, October 8, 2008

250 pieces - just to be safe

During a trip to BJ's today to fill up on super cheap gas (20 cents lower than the guy around the corner!) and grab a pound of American Cheese ($2 per pound lower than the supermarket up the street), I patted myself on the back for being so economically responsible during a time when responsibility rarely seems to be associated with anything economic - take the AIG buffoons for example. I digress.

As I was loading up on the items on my list I couldn't help but feel the panic set in that if I didn't pick up Halloween candy NOW it would be gone on Oct 30. Does anyone else remember bare shelves the days before the doorbell started to ring and the rush of panic that you'd be handing out sandwich bags full of Lucky Charms because it is the only "candy-like" thing you have in the house? Maybe that's just my wacky world, but the first year we moved into our house there were kids by the carloads roaming the neighborhood. Forget the fact that it was about 65 degrees outside that night, it seemed like Halloween had once again become the best holiday next to Christmas. I was thrilled. There were a bunch of new neighbors that had moved in with small children and I had a tear in my eye as I waddled around 7 months pregnant with my almost 2 year old and enjoyed every moment of the festivities.

Things seemed to have calmed down a bit over the past couple of years, but I still managed to grab two bags of 125 piece candy to have on hand. I doubt all of that will last to Halloween with my sweet-tooth husband in the house, but at least if I grab a smaller bag at the local pharmacy right before Halloween I know I'll be okay.


Anonymous said...

Halloween is big here, too, and I am no longer allowed to hand out candy after vividly imagining throttling a few trick-or-treaters when we lived in Keene. I *make* them say, "Trick or Treat," which is apparently cruel and unusual. One kid tried to push past me to get to the candy bowl on the stairs, and another girl told a story about how she needed extra candy to bring home to her sick brother. I gave it to her because she bothered to come up with a story, but then she came back AGAIN an hour later with the same story. Brats.

So my kids hand it out, and they're happy as clams. Only much louder.

Both in Keene and now here we've been in great neighborhoods for trick-or-treaters. It's quite the parade. I don't buy Halloween candy now... only because I bought all the non-chocolate stuff last year during the sales. The chocolate will appear closer to the day, otherwise I'll eat it all myself.

C Sierra said...

I delegate the candy distribution to my parents who don't have a neighborhood where they live because it's a "seasonal" area so they come to our house - which has worked out nicely for hubby and I to enjoy a walk around the area and chat with neighbors we only see a few times a year!

Thankfully I am not a chocolate lover - but if we handed out potato chips at Halloween - I'd be done for!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I always end up buying WAY WAY WAY too much candy and then I panic that I won't have enough! Ridiculous. We don't get that many kids either, but I act like we might!