Friday, October 10, 2008

I refuse to over-commit

I'm getting a quick lesson in formal education. It's called "notices". Every day my daughter announces she has more papers in her folder when I go to pick her up.

Let's see. We've been offered 3 different ice skating programs, 2 gymnastics, 1 karate, several hockey clinics and soccer, soccer and more soccer.

My husband looked at our kitchen calendar the other day and exclaimed,

"Whoa. What's all this?"

It looks like a ball point pen has thrown up all over our calendar with all the scribbles I've made trying to just keep up with "school" related things, forget any "out of school" things.

We have the Pie fundraiser money due, the stride for pride walk pledges due, we need to send in newspapers for 'make a scarecrow' day at school, we have the Friday night PTO movie night, the preschool Halloween party (need to remember to buy Cheese Puffs for that) and I think I'm supposed to crave BBQ ribs at Texas Roadhouse next week since a portion of the bill goes to the school.

See what I mean? These are just school related things. How could I ever add more into the mix, especially when I just got hubby back on the weekends??

I know kids love to be challenged and stimulated and all that "well-rounded child" stuff, but for right now, my almost 4 and almost 6 year old have more than enough going on in their lives. I'm sure I'll be at the soccer field, hockey rink or baseball park soon enough. But for this winter, I'm hanging onto a little free time to visit family and friends on the weekends. I just can't seem to give that up - and quite frankly, the kids enjoy it, too.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yes! They do need that break (and so do you!). We have such a crazy schedule and we don't even have all the school stuff. It can be overwhelming.

Whirlwind said...

I'm so glad soccer season is winding down - I feel overwhelmed! I feel like the girls don't have enough time to just play once school and their homework is finished.