Thursday, October 30, 2008

Play by the rules

Ugh. I always play by the rules. One time, my husband and I had pit passes for a NASCAR race in Richmond, VA and they told us to stay together as a group and, with much anxiety, we decided to break the rules and venture off on our own. Nothing bad happened in our travels, but being a rules-addict I obviously remember this moment and must be scarred by it or else I wouldn't have shared it with you.

So when Abby's school sent home the notice that today was picture day and to follow the "Dress Down" section of the student handbook, I rushed to find our copy to read what is said:

Students should use discretion and dress appropriately for "dress down" days. Jeans or docker type pants are allowed. Students may wear ankle length non-baggy pants. Capris are allowed in warm weather...No sweatpants, windpants or skin tight, form fitting capris, jeans or other pants.

Her: "I don't want to wear jeans today. I want to wear a dress."

Me: "It's sort of chilly for a dress plus the handbook said jeans or dockers."

Her: "Awwwww...I don't like pants."

Me: "You have a pretty sweater on for your pictures today and we won't even see your jeans. You look beautiful."

I was on drop-off duty this morning since hubby had an early meeting at work. All the girls in her class were wearing dresses.

I suck at being a Mom.


Whirlwind said...

Don't you hate that? At least you remembered the dress down day. I always feel bad for the kids who walk up to the playground on dress down days in their uniforms and break into tears because they forgot. On real cold days when my girls want to wear a dress, I just have them put thick tights or a pair of pants on underneath it. It usually looks cute enough.

Rumor has it tomorrow is a dress down day although I haven't gotten official notice. So tomorrow I'll send her in black and orange. It's a half day and she's allowed to bring her costume in to put on during the day anyway.

Do you guys start "winter uniforms" soon? Ours start Monday. She's been wearing primarily the winter uniforms for a few weeks already though.

C Sierra said...

They only have one uniform in Kindergarten - tshirts and sweats. They cut us a break by not enforcing anything "costly" that first year since they spend so much time on the floor or spilling drinks :)