Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Am I the last People subscriber?

Thank God Samantha Ronson is not seeking a restraining order against Lindsay Lohan. I mean, they were in love, right? It seemed real to me when I saw all those pictures of them going in and out of clubs and at the Los Angeles Airport. My husband NEVER whisks me away to London on a whim so I figured they were pretty solid the way they were traveling the globe together. Who knew their relationship was in trouble?

See... Who cares, right? I don't care. Really. Could care less. However, every Friday I sit by the window like a child waiting for Santa Claus so I can leap out of the my office chair, run to the mailbox and see who got the cover spot on People magazine each week. I can.not.explain.it I promised myself MONTHS ago I'd stop this foolish behavior.

I figure I quit smoking 8 years ago (THANK GOD since the guy in front of me at the gas station charged $15 on his credit card for two packs of Marlboros!), and I've significantly cut down on my wine boozing and lead a pretty healthy lifestyle these days which includes jaunts to the gym. So I deserve one small vice - celebrity stalking - right? In fact, I've recently joined the "million" following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter. And I also follow Demi Moore, Rob Thomas, John Mayer, The Real Shaq.... Unfortunately, I'll find myself out a function and instead of talking about the healthcare package in front of the President, I'll somehow throw in an analogy to the scandal brewing around whether Britney Spears is miserable under her Dad's care.

What is it that you can't give up, no matter how ridiculous you know it is?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Well, apparently Twitter, since I've been on about 1000 times since I (publicly) announced I'd be taking a break.

Oh, and reality TV: the smarmier the better.

I'm so proud of you giving up smoking for good. Hang on to that People vice. I wouldn't want you to be too perfect! ; )

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Shopping for things that I absolutely don't need.

It's a compulsion.