Monday, April 13, 2009

What did the bunny bring you?

Thankfully for my waist, I'm not a big candy or chocolate fan so I don't dive into the kid's baskets when they are at school and consume my weight in chocolate. Their loot is pretty safe with me.

Funny enough, they didn't really dive in yesterday, either. In fact, they opted for our pathetic looking mini-bunny cakes at breakfast instead of a handful of chocolate.

When asked by family and friends about their Easter Baskets (The Bunny was on a tight budget this year so not NEARLY as exciting as years past), the two things they told everyone about were the new water guns and the pack of gum. We aren't talking super-soakers here. They are the small, leaky kind you get at Wal-greens, if The Bunny were to get his stuff from Wal-greens which he doesn't. And the gum...I've held off for a long time and lately they have been introduced to this sugary treat outside the house, so I'm trying to stay in control of it. It will be my pocketbook that is hit when those cavities start showing up!

They didn't mention the chocolate bunnies, the chocolate lollipop, the huge KitKat bar or the roll of Sweettarts. It was all about the gun and the gum. Weapons and Bubbalicious - should make next year a lot easier for The Bunny. Hand grenades and Juicy Fruit anyone?

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