Monday, April 27, 2009

Smile for the camera - or not.

My kids will never know what their friends looked like as youngsters, because I suck at taking pictures. Tops of heads. Back of heads. Heads without faces. I have a fabulous portfolio of hairstyles of our young friends, from the back! Case in point - a little BBQ over the weekend with 100 kids running around my house and this is the best shot I could get of them redecorating playing in our playroom:

And here is our cute friend Andrew in his cool pajamas at the end of the day:

At least I'll never have to blur out their faces for privacy purposes!

I know there was a professional photographer snapping photos at one point - hey, Fairly Odd Father, where are those pics cuz mine are USELESS.

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1 comment:

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Is that my "D" standing on your futon??? He'd better be barefoot!

We had a ton of fun. Can't wait until the kids are old enough that we can pitch tents in your backyards and stay up late after they go to sleep.