Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Secret Agent Mom

Leading a double life is tough. While I may not be an "official" secret double agent, there are times when I'm not sure who I am. That's weird because I like to think I'm pretty comfortable in my skin - but jumping from Mom to Employee to Mom to Employee has it's moments.

The past two weeks I've been to several functions. Maybe it is the rebirth at spring, or the longer nights, but for some reason the social wagon hitched up and got moving, so I jumped on.

I started by attending a great launch party last Tuesday for a national group called Girls in Tech, which falls under the Employee category. Then, the next day there was lunch with two former colleagues and their gorgeous little girls, which falls into the Mom category. The following night hubby and I had a little reunion with some former colleagues and that was a hard mix of Mom/Employee/PersonIUsedToBeBeforeKids category. Last night was a scrumptious dinner at Smith & Wolensky's for an invitation-only event and that was DEFINITELY in the Employee category.

But after all this driving in and out of Boston, awkward handshakes and chit-chat, one thing I've come away with while leading this secret agent lifestyle is that no matter where I am or who I'm with, at some point during the event I talk about my kids. My wonderful, funny, witty, entertaining, sweet, loving, beautiful kids. So, I guess that just goes to prove you can take the Employee out of the Mom, but you can't take the Mom out of the Employee!

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Good thing your kids give you so many funny things to talk about! Yeah, I agree---it's hard to get me out and not hear me talk about the kids! And, I used to love those "someone else is paying" fancy dinners.