Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days of sweating gone by...

Remember sweating? Like really sweating? Before all offices, buildings, cars and homes had 24/7 air conditioning. The days when a big box fan would move hot air into hotter rooms but were so fun to talk into because "Hello" ended up sound like "Hebbbblllooooo".

I remember sleeping in the attic. We had a Cape style home and the attic was turned into two bedrooms for my brother and I. Guess what? Heat rises isn't a myth. And sun beating down on your roof can do wonders for the top floor of a house. But we had the trusty window fan. The metal one. That sounded like a small jet engine but when it blew air on the beads of sweat, you *almost* believed you were cool.

How about those vinyl seats in all the cars? With some sort of waffle pattern that would imprint on the back of your leg, that had just been sunburned at the beach, where you smothered yourself in baby oil and followed the suns direction from left to right all day long for the best "tan". Remember how sweaty you were on the ride home? Stuck in traffic (dare I add the "smoking cigarettes" into that scenario because that certainly helped cool me down, yes sirree).

And how about the local pizza place that served only 4 kinds of soft serve ice cream, but offered 15 different pizzas on a hot day with only a fan bolted to the corner of the wall? Nothing curbed your appetite like watching an oversized, sweaty man removing a bubbly, cheesy slice from the 600 degree oven on a summer's day!

Boy those were the days. Now, I only sweat walking from the house to the car and into the FREEZING cold grocery store. What fun is that??

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