Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spinning Gold

I have two modes of decision-making:

Think about it forever and do nothing.
Do it now!

There's no in between. No, "Maybe I should let this sit and revisit it next month." If I don't move on it, it doesn't happen.

So when I was sitting in the local spa a couple of weeks ago staring at the walls, ( hair color was setting) I noticed something. The salon had 2 of the 3 colors in my house. Green. Maroon. The third color the owner incorporated was this mustard gold...and it looked great. I asked the receptionist Kristen if she could ask the owner if she knew the color. She said she'd let me know.

In the meant time, I kept thinking: we should do that! We could go Gold. I was sick of such a green kitchen - end to end Sage. When we moved in the walls had been painted pretty Tuscan colors and I loved all of them. But after 5 years I was done. I was tired of buying prints, vases and candles that look good with green. Gold it was!

While I waited to hear back from the salon, we went to the local Sherwin Williams store and grabbed some sample chips to hang on the wall - you have to go a few days of sun/rain/light/dark to be sure you like it.

We selected our color: Empire gold

Pretty cool, right? Imagine my surprise when I heard from Kristen who says, "I found out that color for you. Empire Gold."

Yeah, I'm good. Go ahead. You can clap. What are the odds that the color on her walls came from Sherwin Williams AND it was the one we randomly picked off some color wheel?

So off we go:

Stay tuned for the final masterpiece!

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