Monday, July 20, 2009

The vacation 15

When I arrived to college back in 2000 1987 there was all this talk of the Freshman 15. The what? You know - the extra pounds you put on from finding a happy hour every night eating processed foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Luckily for me, it was the Freshman -15 because I was so homesick the first semester that food didn't taste good. And the second semester I was so excited to be at school that I forgot to eat. Crazy emotional swings can do that to a person.

No worries, though, because I have more than made up for lost time. In fact, I've discovered the Vacation 15. The 15 times 3 that you gain by eating eggs and corned beef hash for breakfast for 5 days straight (I know...weird food obsession that I refuse to bring into my house but LOVE to have off the griddle while on vacation).

And how about the 3 p.m. sweet tooth that brings all the activities to a screeching halt as you search for the closest ice cream shop, bakery or general store filled with penny candy?

And who can forget the glorious dinners, each one smothered in sauces, fried batter or cheese, (accompanied by several glasses of wine) because as you order it you can quietly whisper "I deserve this because I'm on vacation."

Yes, the Vacation 15 has arrived this year and forced me to rotate between two pairs of big-girl shorts until I can get back to the gym and try to reduce it to at most the Vacation 5 - until next month when we head to the Jersey Shore and do it all over again!!


Reff said...

The globe says you're the victim.

It had nothing to do with the desserts; it's just an unfortunate outcome of a down economy.

Julie B said...

I love Corned Beef Hash, and like you would never ever bring it home... BUT love it when I go out for breakfast!