Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birth of a new kitchen

It's going to happen. We're getting more cabinets and counter top space! WOOOHOOOO! Do you see me jumping up and down? I am.

And sadly, that means the island we so loved when we first moved in, will now be reused to create more storage and counter space next to my stove so I can actually mix and prepare food on a counter top longer than 12" wide.

Have we used the island almost every day since we started this redesign adventure - ABSOLUTELY. Will I miss it? Probably. But when I think about not having to run out into my sweltering (or freezing depending on the season) garage to retrieve a crock pot, or mixer, or roll of paper towels, I get giddy.

The final plans are heading this way today. If we sign off, we could begin our renovations as soon as Labor Day weekend. Now, does anyone know how to build a wall and hang a new window? We'll keep you posted here on all the fun!

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