Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary - take two

So I thought I posted this last week. Better late than never, maybe?

Nine years. Wow. And 7 years before that. Hubby and I didn't celebrate our anniversary this year - at least not yet. He was sick. Our son was sick. And I was sick and tired.

So we've postponed it. No cards. No dinners. Not until we can laugh and not cough (or in my case fall asleep in the food).

Nonetheless, there are many reasons why I love celebrating with him, even if we don't do it on the actual wedding date.

1. He makes me laugh. A lot. At things I never thought I'd laugh at.

2. He dances funny in the kitchen, even if the kids aren't there to be entertained.

3. He lets me bitch at him. Or about others. Or at him some more and he never bitches back when I'm on a role.

4. He won't admit it, but he gets just as excited as I do when the new People magazine arrives.

5. He goes along with the plans, even if the plans suck.

6. He drives me home when I'm tired feeling no pain from celebrating with friends.

7. He still likes my butt even if it's continuing to expand.

8. He helped me produce two fantastic children - with amazing skin tone (thanks to his genes).

9. He is the best Dad to our kids.

10. He is the best friend I could ever want.

11. He tells me "the food is good" even as he chokes down a piece of dry pork chop fresh off the grill.

12. He saves. I spend. Ying. Yang.

13. He looks handsome to me, even in a tank top and croc sandals.

14. He cuts a mean lawn pattern.

15. He loves me, for me, no matter what.

This one's for you baby - Go Yankees!


Julie B said...

Well Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize our anniversaries were so close together.... we'll have been married 9 years on the 27th!
And we dated for 7 years before that!
That was a very sweet post!

Reff said...

Nice post. R* you are a lucky man!