Monday, August 24, 2009

Top of the counter to ya

A slab of granite (that won't match my current granite because it has apparently disappeared off the planet) will cost us almost as much, or more, than the cabinets we are buying.

So, it's time to play: What Is Your Countertop Made Of?

In my frustratingly, exhausting, obsessive compulsive behavior, I have scoured every search engine looking for things to cover my countertops with. Here are some of our thoughts:

Granite Tiles. Supposedly 1/3 the cost of granite. Sort of like taking the tile from your floor and plopping it on your countertops. Involves grout and that never makes me happy.

Corian. Thought this was much less expensive, but apparently only saves us a few hundred dollars.

Tile. I keep picturing the pink tile that graced the walls of most bathrooms in the 70's. I'm sure they are much more attractive now on countertops, somehow.

Butcher block. 146" of wood - hehe.

If you have any suggestions or pictures of what works for you - send them along. We'll begin to panic in 3 weeks when the cabinets arrive and we don't know what we're going to cover them with. Thanks.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hmmmm, you need a piece to finish off your counters or is this for an island? I love wood on islands b/c it looks like a deliberate decision vs. "this was supposed to kind of match the counters so don't look too hard".

There are other solid-surface competitors to Corian that don't cost as much. Some people don't like them in kitchens but I think they are kind of neat & retro (we have in our bathrooms).

There are also composites like Caesarstone or quartz like Zodiaq that may cost less than Granite but try not to be too matchy-matchy lest you end up with a slightly "off" color----I'd pick something complementary or solid colored.

I love soapstone to death but it needs to be babied a bit.

Julie B. said...

ummm yeah, what she said...

A neighbor of mine just redid her kitchen and she went a little over the top on switching colors, on the island vs the counter tops and now it looks a little "off".

Good luck, can't wait to hear what your decision is....

ritcey said...

A contractor friend of mine was talking about concrete counter tops - they're cool and the material is very in expensive. They can mix all sorts of colors and finishes.

Check some of the cool pics:

Anonymous said...

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