Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something happened on the way to size 18

I quit on me.

I decided that after carrying and delivering two children over 3 years that I had a right to be larger than I was in my 20's - MUCH larger. I deserved ice cream for dessert every night, cheese and crackers as a snack in front of the TV, and an appetizer with every meal at a restaurant! Bring on the loaded potato skins.

And then I had my 20 year high school reunion. And I met Rob Thomas back stage at a concert. And suddenly the woman I saw in the pictures from those two events horrified me.

Who was she? Where did those jowls come from? And that back fat?  And those thighs??? No wonder Rob didn't want to ravage me upon sight...yeah, that must be the reason why. Nothing to do with his solid marriage to a former model. Sorry, I digress, again.

It wasn't easy getting back on track and putting my health first, but hubby and I started to watch everything we put in our mouths and did a weigh in each week. The good ole' weight watchers style. I wrote down my food intake (I don't think he did) and I joined a gym.  A gym without the grunting body builders but the one with the fancy old ladies that use the treadmill with their coiffed hair and full on makeup.  My kind of girls.

And before I knew it the weight started to come off. Salads for lunch every day weren't so bad if you added fun things like almonds, a little feta, grilled chicken, corn, peas, bean sprouts, olives or roasted red peppers. Who said it had to be lettuce, cukes and tomatoes each time?

I used spinach instead of lettuce. Zucchini instead of cucumbers.  And decided that my beloved Ranch dressing was okay as long as the other items in the salad weren't fried, cheesy or loaded with mayo (i.e. chicken salad and tuna salad were a downfall for me!)

Within a year I lost 25 lbs.  Over 2 years some weight has come back on and my body shape changes and morphs as I get older, but last time I checked few grandmothers have the body shape they had at 25.  And if they did, they paid for it.

I do regret giving all those size 12 clothes away when I quit on me. I could use them right now!!  Down 3 sizes feels pretty darn nice.  My goal going forward is maintenance - and not getting on that scale too often.  It's not the number, but the feeling from within.  I need health to live longer, not a 130 lb goal weight.  I'll always have rolls at my tummy - I've never had or needed 6 pack abs.  I'll be soft, not firm. But I'm cool with that.

Tomorrow is Day Two of the C25K challenge I've taken on to fight the gym boredom.  One can only bond with an elliptical so much before time starts to stand still. I tried the rowing machine and it didn't work so great with my back.  So, it's time to spice it up. I can jog. I know I can!! 

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

So proud of you chickie! And, pretty soon you get to shop for new clothes! That was an excellent plan to give away your smallest sizes! ; )