Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I learned attending a grown up dinner party

1. Deviled eggs is not the appetizer of choice for grown ups. They prefer things with goat cheese, scallops and pesto served on crostinis. And served in a dozen, not in Costco quantities.

2. Candlesticks look pretty when you light them - with fire.

3. Wine glasses are not always 12 ounces.  And when you try to pour the wine once with the cork still in it, you really shouldn't try to pour it twice with the cork still in it.  You look foolish (or drunk).

4. Plates do come in something other than paper or plastic. And served warm make for a toasty surprise.

5.  Silverware is silver - and includes more than a fork and knife.

6. Soup served before a meal is awesome - especially served in cute teacups and not made from a can.

7. You don't have to cram everyone in your kitchen. Suggesting you "move to the living room and sit by the fire" works - and if you bring your crostinis and wine bottles in there, people will follow.

8.  No matter how fancy the party, if you put two Moms together at a table the topic of childbirth always surfaces.

9.  When chocolate souffle arrives at the table for dessert, and you know it's chocolate souffle, don't try to be witty and ask what it's called like someone might randomly rename it.  You look foolish (or drunk).

10.  Adults use their dining room tables to dine, not collect mail, old newspapers and junk.


Julie B. said...

What is this dining room table you speak of? Is it that thing that should go in the room with the fancy Chandelier? Oh... Wait, we call that a play room. I'll get to be an adult some day.

Beverly said...

Let me get this straight. First, you can't open a bottle of wine with

Beverly said...

a cork only a twist off, you burnt your hand on a warmed plate, you discussed placentas while eating and didn't recognize the souffle for what it was and I'm thinking you were tipsy...not sure you're ready for this grown up stuff. P.s. I love deviled eggs!

Suburb Sierra said...

My Aunt knows me so well...and truth be told, it wasn't a cork but a twist off bottle but wasn't sure how to admit I kept trying to pour it with the cap on. Sigh.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm always amazed that people are this grown up to live like this. Will we ever be like this???