Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, Helloooo Twenty-eleven!!

It's here. The New Year is here. I can leave behind all the blah and phooey of twenty-ten and start anew.

Because that's what new years are for, right?  New. That's why they call them New Years. They'd call them Same Ole Same Ole Year if they weren't New...glad we cleared that up.

So, what is happening in the New Year...well, not much.  I'm settling into my new "job" at Carlton PR & Marketing question.  I don't really have a title.  You can call me "Business Partner", or "Unpaid Employee Number Two" or "Intern"...I respond to all of them.

But with some seriousness, I've joined a smart, connected, ambitious, level-headed and creative woman (former Ithaca College graduate, as well) at her consulting firm, which is appropriately named after her, and we are offering services to small to medium sized businesses that need social media, PR or other marketing resources.

We have some very cool ideas bopping around and will be engaged in Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week Part Deux in the Fall, and right now I'm coordinating the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in NYC on April 12 (sounds fancy, right? SYMPOSIUM.... and we are working on a few "contracts" out in the field.

I'm really excited because, while the mortgage isn't getting paid yet and I still have sleepless nights, I know that with the right focus and ambition this is what works best for me.  Communicating, networking and assisting people is what I love - blame it on my job start 26 years ago serving OJ and eggs as a waitress and making sure I had happy customers or blame it on a gene in my DNA - if I can help you or someone you know, give me a shout.

Welcome 2011 - it's nice to see you!

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