Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give a boy his privacy

It occurred to me last evening that I hadn't seen my son in a while.

His coat was still hung up so I assumed he didn't leave the house (I should be a detective, I know).

I called his name and he answered with his typical, "WHAT?" from the bathroom.

I asked the all too familiar, "What are you doing?" He was in the bathroom so I knew what he was doing.

I pushed the door open slightly when he didn't respond to find him comfortably seated on the throne, pants at his ankles, with his DS in hand playing his new I Spy game.

I asked him to please put the game down and finish up his business and get out.

He closed his DS, jumped off the seat, pointed to his accomplishment and exclaimed, "I AM done with my business.  I was just looking for some peace and quiet so I could hear what the lady on the game is telling me to do!"

Right. Because I'm the loud one in the family that never lets YOU have peace and quiet....

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