Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday afternoon Riddle

What do you get when you combine a glass of wine (ok...working on 2 glasses of wine) + a bunch of new magazines that NEED to get read + a 6 year old "older sister" + a couple of buckets of water + a 4 year old "little brother"??

A negligent clueless Mother who thought her kids were quietly gardening near the swing set but apparently they were preparing to plant my son:

I really wanted to hug him and say "Oh sweetie, boys will be boys", but I was afraid that would encourage another mud wrap so I quickly snapped some photos, brought him out to the driveway and watered him down with a water can (because our hoses are broken and I couldn't hose him down!) and then reminded him that our dog poops in the backyard and there could be germs in our dirt.

What??? It's true - and gross - and I can't believe my husband had to work today and missed the whole thing!

But, boys will be boys and it was a joy to see him in his element, if just for a few moments.

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