Monday, May 11, 2009

Which end is up?

I promise this isn't a blog post about any anatomy parts - it just reflects the way I've been feeling for the past week as I work through the calendar - both at home and work.

Mother's Day was a surprisingly relaxing day (I even got a late afternoon NAP!) and for the first time in 6 years, my kids presented me with crafts they made a school! The other daycare center was very non-celebratory to be fair to children without Mom's, Dad's, Christian Holidays, Muslim Holidays, etc. So most of the crafts were spring related, and not Mom related.

This year was different. New schools. New rules. Alex presented me with TWO homemade cards, one with his handprints that I'm going to try to frame. And he made a great thermos cup that he decorated. It's hard to see here but I loved his scribbles of him and I holding hands:

My daughter created a beautiful poster that was all wrapped up in a ribbon and waiting for me at the kitchen table:

And hubby came through with a thoughtful card and gift card to Ann Taylor Loft - just what the wardrobe ordered! Later that day we had lunch in Portsmouth, NH with my parents and enjoyed a bright, sunny (yet windy) day.

Now, the fun begins. The two week race to our Puerto Rican vacation. Squeezing in Field Days at school, conferences for work, trips to the office, hubby working a Saturday, packing and more packing and I'm already exhausted!

In fact, this morning I went to use my cute new thermos cup for a cup of tea and after throwing in the tea bag, I threw in my splenda - and as I poured the hot water in the cup I noticed something - I literally threw in the splenda...packet and all. Forgot to open it up and pour it in the cup. Happy Monday or Life at 40??

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL, I've done the same damn thing with a sugar packet! I blame age!

Have fun in P.R.! And Happy Mother's Day to you---love those crafts!