Friday, September 18, 2009

Let the hanging begin

I promise I'm not talking about some inhumane torture from the 17th century - I'm talking cabinets, baby!

This weekend we take this:

and hopefully make it look like this:

OK. Not exactly like that. I mean, our cabinets are white. And I don't have 3,000 sq feet of kitchen space.

And even after the cabinets are hung, we still need all the trimmings like molding, paint, countertops and switch covers. But I have a feeling that once those puppies are on the wall, there will be no stopping me from filling them up! I'll share the "after" pictures soon!


On a different note: My son threw this out this morning while talking to his sister,

"You are in a heap of trouble Missy for coloring on Woody."

Heap? I've never once used the word heap in our house.

While in another world, my daughter is learning about endangered animals in school and informed me that her friend's dog is endangered and will be extinct soon because he's old.

Close. But I don't think we'll ever see a day when house dogs are endangered OR extinct.

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