Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This year feels so right...

Last year, sending my oldest off to kindergarten was a bit heart-wrenching - for me. She was great. Up and out and off to school. No big deal. I held most of my tears as I watched her start her new adventure.

This year. First Grade (and Pre-K again). How did it go? Sing along: Celebrate School Days...Come On!

Besides the major snafu of losing our electricity at 10:30 PM due to a loud transformer explosion, and not getting it back until 4:00 AM, we managed to actually get up and out the door on time, and with breakfast in our bellies!

Of course, picture taking is always a treat. Smile for Mommy:

Not exactly the money shot I was hoping for.

Next year, the little man gets his turn at kindergarten and I'll surely lose it again.

(In case you were checking out the stylin' socks my son is rocking - Grammy gave him a bunch of spooky socks in anticipation of the Fall season and he selected these lovely gray ones as his "first day of school" socks because there weren't any monsters on them to scare his new friends. I could kiss his cheeks off!)


Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOVE that comment about not wanting to scare his friends! Too cute.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi!