Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yukon Cornelius in action

For years I have only purchased new cars. I grew up with a Dad (time to place blame here) who traveled on the road for his job so every few years we'd have a new car. We'd play with the buttons, radio pre-sets, new CASSETTE players, and savor the new car smell when he'd bring it home.

My affection and my obsession for new cars is entering it's 4th decade. I always knew if I worked hard, I'd be able to maintain the frequent new car smell moments just like when I was a kid and I have always budgeted a car payment. Say what you will. It's just my thing. I believe since I met my husband I've owned 7 cars - and that has been over a period of less than 20 years.

This time, when I was car shopping for #8, I decided to broaden my horizons (and tighten my pocketbook) and look at pre-owned cars. The new, fancy way to say USED.

When I discovered my latest obsession, and my wallet wasn't drained by the price, I jumped on it. I mean, it's only 2 years old and must be *just* like owning a new car. And, since I was 16, I dreamed of owning a BMW. Mid-life crisis kicked in BIG TIME when I took it for a test drive. Vroom Vrooom.

Boy, am I disappointed so far. Bumble has lived up to it's name, and Yukon Cornelius must be hiding in my garage because yesterday, after 3.5 days of ownership, he struck big time. I have the stain on my driveway to prove it.

To date, the center console hinge is broken. We knew about that and it was supposed to be fixed before I took delivery but "the part wasn't in yet"...sure.

The windshield was replaced before they delivered the car to me - I guess that's a plus? Until it leaks this winter.

The back power outlet fell out.

The daytime running lights feature is turned off? May seem small but what is the point of having the round BMW headlights if they stay dark until dusk?

The fog light cover is cracked, in not one, but two places.

And yesterday, after a 200 mile round trip trek to my office in Amherst, my radiator blew. Antifreeze leaked all over the driveway and this morning the proof is still there even after attempts to wash down the evidence.

As my new toy was hauled away on the flatbed last night (much to my son's excitement) I took a moment to say sorry to my Lexus RX330 - should have hung on to her no matter how many miles she'd racked up, how stinky she was, and how many times I panicked when the CD player didn't work and I feared I'd never get my Rob Thomas CD's out!

I'll be driving Rudolph-the-loaner-car back to pick up Bumble either today or tomorrow. Think I can stop at the Lexus dealer and trade it in on the way home?

Be careful what you wish for - when reality sets in, it can really disappoint.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh Christine, I'm sorry! That sucks so much. And, leave it to you to want to protect your Rob Thomas CD's at all costs! LOL

Fairly Odd Mother said...

And, btw, isn't there a "lemon law" that means you can return a used car that isn't up to snuff?