Monday, September 28, 2009

The final pieces

If I could explain how completely disorganized and out-of-sorts I feel these days, I'd share it with you. But I am so disorganized and out-of-sorts these days that even a simple blog is beyond my realm.

So, I will stick to the latest update on the kitchen remodel. Our final cabinet pieces arrived on Friday. We just have to get the counter top man to show up and template for the granite. Hubby picked out slab out last week so we know what we're getting, we just need it cut all spiffy and shiny.

We decided to keep an island after all - I know, enough about the island arleady, right? We had an extra cabinet after the wall fiasco, so I added a cute little 9 inch piece to the right that holds canned goods and spices so it works:

We will reduce the overhang on the counter top there, just to be sure we don't create a really crowded space, but we may still be able to put in two small stools if we want.

Then, this is the start of the "microwave nook":

I see this becoming our message area, too, since we'll probably put our phone, endless lists and mail in there. Confine the mess, if you will.

So once our granite arrives and we trim out the window, we are almost done. Just needs a fresh coat of paint and we'll have ourselves a brand new kitchen! Should be just in time for Autumn's real arrival and I can't wait to have all my kitchenware in the house instead of in the cold garage. Mission accomplished!

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