Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Generation Gap

It appears the generation gap is shrinking these days. I have more in common with my parents and children than ever before. In what ways?

My Mom is officially on Facebook. She has accumulated 3 friends so far. That is as of 3:00 on Saturday, February 27. Go Pat!

My dad will go out to his SUV (the same model we now own - see the gap shrinking?) after a storm rolls through and they lose phone and cable. Why? Because he's cooler than us and has a phone number just for his SUV through OnStar.

My grandmother is a little frustrated by her TV in her den. It's not an LCD TV like the one in her living room. She's also been contemplating getting on the internet because "You can't do a God damn thing without an email address." (Her words, not mine.)

My son wants the Lady GaGa CD for his CD player in his room. If he's going to take to Pop music, I hope he can find the rhythm needed to do it proud, just like his mother has. Bwahahaha!!

My daughter asked me to put the news on her radio last night when she went to bed. I found the NH NPR station - and 2 mins after I turned it on, they cut to a infomercial about inflamed prostate treatments. While I appreciate her efforts to learn about the world, I'm keeping the prostate gap RIGHT where it is. Back to Disney CDs!

Oh, and one last little, semi-related story. While my son was eating breakfast this morning, this is what we overheard coming from the table:

"Mmmmm...Yeeaahhh. That feels awesome. It's so warm when I stick my finger in it."

He was talking about the yoke of his fried egg...I leave you with that.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL. . .outta the mouth of babes!

My mom won't touch a computer. Will. not. touch. She can barely turn on her TV. I think your family is ahead of the curve.